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Game of Thrones Legacy Tour ~ Northern Ireland

Tour Highlights

Join our 9-Day Game of Thrones Legacy Tour to Northern Ireland and overnight in Castle Hotels, meet Characters from the show, and more!

★  (9) Days, (8) Nights in wonderful Hotels
★  with (3) Overnights in medieval Castles
★  Meet Characters from Game of Thrones!
★  Visit Game of Thrones filming locations
★  Learn to shoot a bow at Winterfell Castle
★  Boat Voyage across the "Narrow Sea"
★  Visit the Game of Thrones® Studio Tour
★  Journey to the Game of Thrones® Doors
★  Get your photo taken on the Iron Throne
★  and so much more!  Full Details Here

Special Event Tours

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Join our 9-Day Game of Thrones Legacy Tour to Northern Ireland and overnight in Irish Castles, meet Characters from the show, and more...

  • 9 Days / 8 Nights through Northern Ireland
  • 3 Overnight stays in medieval Irish Castles
  • Meet real Actors and Characters from GOT
  • NEW Game of Thrones Tours / Attractions!

So, you're a Game of Thrones fan? Immerse yourself on Alpventures® in-depth, exciting, and fun 9-day-long Game of Thrones Legacy Tour to Northern Ireland; including three overnights in medieval Irish Castles, a full day at Winterfell (learn to shoot a bow, explore the movie set, and meet the local insiders), enjoy sumptuous medieval feasts, voyage across the "Narrow Sea", and truly much more! Our exclusive GOT Legacy Tour is limited to 40 people.  View Tour Itinerary

Wedding is Coming

We offer exciting new Game of Thrones themed weddings at medieval castles in Europe. All of our Wedding Packages include these basic features:

★  2 Days / 2 Nights stay in a European Castle!
★  Your Wedding Party of 10 People (5 Rooms)
★  Your Wedding Ceremony* with fees and taxes
★  Wedding Rehearsal and Reception Dinners
★  2 Breakfast Buffets for your group (10 People)
★  Live Music (ceremony) and DJ (reception)
★  Work with our dedicated Wedding Planners
★  Local Sightseeing Tour / Activity for your Group
★  Personalized Invitation Sets, Cards, and Maps
★  Photographer, Flowers, and Decorations
★  and much, much more!

Game of Thrones style Weddings in Europe
packaged for your group of 10 or more people (including Bride and Groom)  Wedding Packages

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