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Game of Thrones themed Weddings in Europe

Our Game of Thrones themed Wedding Packages to Europe include all of the following basic features:

★  2 Days / 2 Nights stay in a medieval European Castle!
★  Your Wedding Party of 10 People (5 Rooms) included
★  Your Special Wedding Ceremony, with fees and taxes*
★  Wedding Rehearsal and Wedding Reception Dinners
★  You work directly with a dedicated Wedding Planner
★  Local Sightseeing Tour or Activity for your Group
★  and much, much more!

Dedicated Wedding Planners and a Fully Customizable Experience
You can totally customize your Game of Thrones Wedding Experience - just let us know what you are looking for and we will do everything we can to even exceed your expectations! Browse Wedding Packages

* What kind of ceremonies are offered, and which type is best for you? For further information and details, please click the link to read about the different types of Wedding Ceremonies we offer in Europe.

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