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What Kind of Wedding Ceremony?

We offer different kinds of wedding packages to amazing castle hotels in Europe. Which type of ceremony is best for you? Couples can choose a Symbolic or Traditional Ceremony to best fit their specific needs, wishes, and situations...

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

  • A faster, easier solution with less commitment
  • Not a registered marriage, or legally binding
  • Can be religious (Priest required) or non-religious
  • Can be held virtually anywhere we get permission
  • Does not require any time in country beforehand
  • You get full flexibility / control over ceremony
  • Less expensive as you save on legal / admin fees
  • No Civil Ceremony required as it is non-binding

Traditional Wedding Ceremony

  • Takes time (months) & much effort (paperwork)
  • Can be legally binding, also at home (most cases)*
  • Can be religious (Priest required) or non-religious
  • Must be held in specific authorized locations
  • Sometimes requires a short pre-stay (21 days)
  • You get less flexibility / control over ceremony
  • More expensive due to licensing admin fees
  • To be legal, a short Civil Ceremony is required**

All of our Game of Thrones Wedding Packages include a soft wedding ceremony (symbolic), with an option to add the legal ceremony(ies) for an extra fee. It takes time and the exact cost will depend on your unique situation. Having a registered, legally-binding wedding ceremony in a European country can seem a little daunting at first, but we can assure you that thousands of couples are still doing it every single year. It really all depends on your time, budget, and honestly - your commitment to the process. Don't worry; we will do the heavy lifting, you just need to provide us with the right information and documents at the right times, and then sit back and watch it all come together. These are just the basics - every couple's situation is different; but we will work with you every step of the way, from beginning to end - regardless of which type you choose.

Most couples opt for the faster, easier, more flexible way of celebrating their love for each other in Europe and have wonderful, meaningful symbolic wedding ceremonies. Although these types of ceremonies are not legally binding; they can usually still be held inside a church or anywhere else in a beautiful natural setting outside (we get permission from property owners) - like on the grounds of your castle hotel, perhaps?

* What will it all cost us? Should you decide to go for the big kahuna and request the legally-binding marriage services add-on, we will work with you to determine the cost based on the required fees and time for us to handle all the paperwork, but this can usually be done for USD 1500 - 2500. Our all-inclusive Game of Thrones Wedding Packages range anywhere from USD 13 500 for the "Greyjoy" Wedding Package including two nights in a Teutonic Knights castle in Poland (for your group of 10 people); up to USD 18 500 for the "Tyrell" Package, which includes two nights (for your group of 10 people) in an 18th Century French Chateau near Calais. You can customize your experience and get rid of anything you feel you don't need, or add anything you think you might. We will work with you and keep you fully updated with our invoicing system. We'll also provide you with a vendor list and price breakdown to show you just exactly where your money is going. 

** Civil Wedding Ceremonies are required in most countries in Europe, only if you wish to have a legally-binding marriage. These ceremonies usually take place in the local town hall or similar building, at certain times (all pre-arranged). They are pre-scheduled by appointment only; normally rather short, and less formal ceremonies conducted by a city administration official. The cost for these services would be calculated for your particular situation, and added onto your wedding package base price. Learn More about Weddings

Dedicated Planners

For over 20 years, we have been bringing large and small groups to amazing sites across Europe. Take advantage of our expert knowledge and professional experience - which will save you lots of time and money; and, together with one of our dedicated Wedding Planners, we will ensure that your special day goes perfectly.

Fairy-tale Castles

We know Europe. And we've been working with some of these castle hotels for over two decades, so we know the properties inside and out. Do you need more information, color brochures, or event space and seating details? Have no fear - we'll provide you with everything necessary to make this important decision.

Fully Customizable

Do you like one of our Game of Thrones Wedding Packages, but you want to make some changes? No problem - this is YOUR day, and we want it to be absolutely perfect! You can mix-and-match features to create your own, unique experience. Contact us to see how we can customize your Game of Thrones wedding!

"Stark" (N. Ireland)

Belle Isle Castle in Northern Ireland
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"Greyjoy" (Poland)

Reszel Castle near Ketrzyn, Poland
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"Tyrell" (France)

Chateau de Cocove near Calais, France
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"Lannister" (Germany)

Rheinfels Castle on the Rhine River
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"Targaryen" (Spain)

Cardona Castle near Barcelona, Spain
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