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Before Gods and Men, let us know your questions, concerns, or comments ~ send us a raven using the form below, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. You can also Read our Frequently Asked Questions below; or call, email, and write to us. We welcome your feedback and wish you Seven Blessings!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is "Alpventures" and "Tour of Thrones"?
Tour of Thrones is a travel website for fans of HBO's Game of Thrones®, and the medieval genre. Simply put, we support, promote, and market "Game of Thrones Tourism" in and around Northern Ireland, Spain, Croatia, Iceland and the rest of Europe. Our website is operated by Alpventures® Tours, a 20+ year veteran in the travel industry. We have partnered with the top local Tour Operators and local businesses; the best castle hotels in Europe, and the most dedicated, professional wedding planners at our destinations to offer you the best Tours and Weddings at discounted rates.

Who actually runs the Game of Thrones Tours?
Our Tours and Events are run by the best operators and planners in the business; including the most entertaining Tour Guides in the industry that have actually worked on set, and will give you the inside scoop as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes stories. Alpventures® Tour of Thrones and our local partners are not affiliated with HBO Studios, and we are in no way affiliated with any other movie or television production company, their subsidiaries or studios.

Do we see cast members from Game of Thrones on the Tours?
You never know! Even though filming for Game of Thrones took place in the areas we feature on our Tours, at this time shooting on the original show has wrapped and we are all anxiously awaiting the upcoming HBO prequels and/or spin-offs. Local studios are always working on new projects and you never know what will be filmed in these areas next. There is no guarantee you will see cast or crew members; however we work with local Tour Guides that have worked extensively as extras on Game of Thrones, and we offer Guided Tours that include Special Guests and speakers including actual known characters from the show - we post updates about these exclusive Game of Thrones Legacy Tours and Events on our "Events" webpage.

Do you visit the actual Game of Thrones filming sets?
We only visit places where past filming has taken place - and there are plenty! In fact, there are too many actual sites to mention. All of our Game of Thrones Tours are packed with tons of filming locations and sites, which our Guides fully explain in detail along with showing photos, stills and little clips from the show. Every Game of Thrones Tour is full of information and we always strive to "set the scene" for our guests at all locations. Please note that we do not visit current sets and we discourage trying to get close to them. Why? Because the studios have a hard enough time doing their job and keeping it secret - they do not need curious fans to interfere with their production.

Can I see these Game of Thrones sites on my own?
Of course. Many of the sites we feature on our Game of Thrones Tours are accessible to the public - some are not. If you are planning your own trip to Northern Ireland, Croatia, Spain or Iceland, our website is a good place to start. Browse and book our local Game of Thrones Tours - check out our longer, more comprehensive Game of Thrones Legacy Tours that take in more sites than you could possibly visit on your own - all saving you time and money in Europe. Keep in mind, there's lots to see! The best way to make the most of your valuable time and money is to take one of our popular Guided Tours. Let us do the work while you enjoy the sites and entertaining commentary of our expert Guides.

Who do we speak to about Game of Thrones Weddings?
If you would like to speak to someone about our exciting, new Game of Thrones Wedding Packages to medieval castles in Northern Ireland, Germany, Poland, and Spain, please give us a call toll-free at 1-888-991-6718. In most cases, you will first speak directly to Tony Cisneros, owner and operator of Alpventures®. He will answer your initial questions about our special castle venues (he knows them all personally), the booking process, and what your options are for getting married in Europe. From there, we work with you on getting to know you and your partner better, so that we can be sure to provide you all the various elements in your wedding in a perfect way. We want you to be absolutely, completely, 100% satisfied - and also we want you to get as much (or as little?) Game of Thrones atmosphere as you want in both your wedding ceremony AND your reception. You'll be dealing primarily with one of our hand-picked, proven, professional Wedding Planners. Once we have set-up a timeline and determined our planners availability, we will put you in touch with each other to be sure you will be a perfect fit for the remainder of the planning process. Your dedicated planner will also be available for you on-site the day of your wedding ceremony. Please click the link for more information about the different kinds of Wedding Ceremonies we offer in Europe, or you can browse our different Game of Thrones Wedding Packages. Click here to go back to the Tour of Thrones Help Center

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